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Go Into The Broken World / Renew All Things
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Your Gifts & Talents Are Meant To Be Used For The Community

OneLove Network: Partnering With Local Churches To Fuel Movement For The Gospel-Driven Transformation Of Our Cities.

  • Treat her well.
    Treat her well.
    Chasing her. Believing in the illusion that she can be owned. Trying your best to stretch her; to cheat her.   The tighter you hold on, The more fleeting she becomes. Get too lost in moments gone by or those yet to come, And what you have of her now is gone.   Regret what […]
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  • Vapor
    Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. – James 4:14 PLEASE stop worrying so much. Stop judging. Stop hating people just because they are different than you; just because they disagree with you. Stop letting […]
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  • Embrace Your Story
    Embrace Your Story
    Too many of us, in Western Culture especially, are living our lives (our stories) as if we are flying through the cliff notes of a classic novel in order to cram, the night before, for the big exam. We do a good job (too much of a good job) of cramming 30 hours of life into our 24-hour days. We rush from one place to the other and fill our family calendars with an overabundance of activities as if we are trying to win some prize of who can be the busiest. In fact, busyness has become a sign of success in our culture. If you are important enough or financially secure enough then you should be involved in all of the “in” things that every other person is. What is this costing us? Stress, anxiety, and depression are more prevalent in our American Society than any other place on Earth. Too many family members feel alienated and alone in their own home. We have believed the lie that happiness comes from being busy. So how do we change this?
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  • For 25 years he says he was addicted to alcohol. He said he was however, sober for several years when sadness got him and he drank during the holidays this last year. Right now, he's been sober for six weeks. He said his way doesn't work and that he wants to trust God. We prayed together under a bridge ... For strength that comes from God. He then told me how he missed his family ... And said he feels welcome at the bridge church. His smile meant so much and his wanting to trust God for week seven - to not drink meant even so much more.

    Pam Kumpe
    Pam KumpeChurch Under The Bridge - Texarkana
  • I was interviewed by a reporter last week and he asked me what the greatest need we had for our ministry. Without hesitation I told him that we needed the one thing that people consistently refuse to give: their time. You see we've been raised to think that sharing the gospel with someone is walking them through a set of instructions and walking away. This is not discipleship and this will not do. We are to announce the gospel, but outside the context of loving relationships, who's going to listen?

    Cody Howard
    Cody HowardChurch Under the Bridge- Texarkana

OneLove Partners


Through partnership with many different ministries and organizations, we provide a place for you to discover what is happening across your city and in our region. Our passion is to make it easier for you or your church/small group to engage in the mission that God has called and equipped you for. We share information and opportunities on our website, our Facebook, and through our Blog. You can contact our ministry partners directly to get involved or contact us about helping you make connections. The Leadership team with OneLove Network is also available for 1-1 and group meetings to help you discover how your unique passions, gifts, and talents can serve the mission of God in your city.
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There are times when we come across needs that are not being appropriately met or exciting opportunities that no one is doing. OneLove Network is available to help you create the framework to empower and equip your group or church to engage in the mission they feel called to (fueling movement). Whether it is working out the logistics to get the vision off the ground, building collaborations to strengthen your efforts, or helping to launch the vision, we are here to help. Call us to schedule a consultation and vision-casting gathering and let’s see where God leads us.
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Your group/church wants to connect and serve but you are not really sure where. You have a one-time opportunity coming up or you have a shared desire to make an intentional and lasting connection to your city and community. Contact us and we will share needs and opportunities we know of and connect you to the best fit. We are also available to work as guides and be more directly involved in connecting you to opportunities to serve, whether it be in your city or with one of our regional partners.
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